About Our Packaging

We know that you have environmental concerns about the use of plastic. Here are our thoughts about the way we package your purchases.

To separate your wool colours we use lightweight plastic bags, though we minimise the number of bags by combining several colours of the same wool type in one. We seal the bags with tape and if you carefully remove it you can re-use the bags. For larger orders we sometimes use vacuum bags to minimise package size. We always leave closure tabs attached so that you can re-use these bags. We have tried other ways of packing but all are more expensive to post because it’s much harder to compress the wool.

To post your order we generally use lightweight posting bags that are made from recycled plastic.

Hard-edged items such as needle tubes and needle holders we wrap in a small amount of bubble wrap, re-used from received packaging, to avoid posting bag damage. You can re-use this too!

If you have any suggestions about how we could be more environmentally-friendly with our packaging, please contact us and we will certainly consider them. Please recycle whenever you can and dispose of packaging responsibly.