Bergschaf Carded Wool


There are three natural colours of Bergschaf: white, hazelnut and black. The “black” is very dark brown and is pretty rare. We stock all these three natural colours, plus two bleached colours: Camel which is bleached hazelnut and Snowdrop which is bleached white. The three beige shades are blends of the three naturals.

The four Designer Grey Natural blends are created by using white and mostly black wool (sheared in the winter) with hardly any brown added. The two Grey-Brown Natural blends are from the spotted Bergschaf where the colours have not been separated and so have a larger percentage of brown wool.

Please note that all mixed colours are blends which may vary slightly from batch to batch.

We endeavour to accurately represent our colours on screen. However, you may wish to consider ordering a sample card.


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