Frid tapestry weaving yarn is spun from Norwegian Spelsau wool with a small amount of Norwegian C1. The result is a great yarn that is easy to weave.

Frid yarn is a 2 threaded, firm and glossy yarn perfect for creating pictures, hangings, and cloth for furnishing.

Even though Frid is a traditional weaving yarn it can also be knitted and crocheted into garments, cushions and blankets.

We have found that it also felts well adding texture to pieces and stitches well as an embellishment.

Frid yarn comes in 108 colours both vibrant and subtle.

  • About 300 m pr. 100 g, Nm 6/2 – 100% Norwegian wool.
  • Vevskje (Warp threads per centimetre): 30-10, 1 thread in the groove, 1 thread in the tip.
  • Washing: Wool or Linen wash.
  • Supplied in 100g skeins.
  • Each 100g skein is approximately 300 m long, (Nm 6.2/2).


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